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Ghana's Actor Majid Michael Denied U.S Visa

Published: Sep 30, 2009 by admin Filed under: Celebrity News Views: 1,640 Tags: majid
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Ghana must go but actor Majid Michael must not visit the United States!

Ghana's super actor Majid Michel the guy who played best a copycat of the Scarface movie was recently denied visiting visa to the United States after he had a rude exchange of words with an American Embassy official.

"It all started after a visa officer siting behind the counter at U.S Embassy in Accra asked him to identify himself. Actor Majid in return asked the visa officer if he doesn't know him already. The officer said I don't you sir, at that point Majid snapped throwing insult at the officer" according to a close friend of the actor.

"You guys don't know that I'm the best actor in Ghana? You guys are so disrespectful to me right now"    Majid was quoted as saying to the visa officer before his passport was stamped, Denied.

Majid was supposed to attend a Nigerian base function in Houston, Taxes. He was also scheduled to shoot 

a movie along with Omotola in the United States.

Speaking to the African Star, the organizer of the Houston program said, "I'm very disappointed with the rude attitude exhibited at United States Embassy by actor Majid." He however expressed regrets to fans for the disruption and apologized for the disappointment it would caused the thousands of fans that were planning to attend the program. 

Another report had it that a look-alike actor of Majid was supposed to represent him at the program.  Though the look-alike full identity was not rightly disclose but he is said to be a Sierra Leonean  that acted in a Liberian-Sierra Leone made movie "Doubt of Love" that was shoot in Philadelphia.

It is not yet clear if the unsuspecting audience will not detect that the man they will all be anxious to see is not the real Majid Michael. 

 by Chris-Vincent Agyapong Fe

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